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NanoMeso Therapy (3 methods)



- NanoMeso soft cone tools x 10
- TurtlePin CARTRIDGES and pumps x 10
- NanoPin x 10
- 10 serums
Kit value $800

NanoMeso Therapy (3 methods)

This training is a NanoMeso Therapy masterclass - 3 methods.

What is NanoMeso Therapy?

NanoMeso therapy is new penetration technology which is designed to infuse product into the dermis with controlled intradermal delivery. It is one of the most popular skin rejuvenating and regenerating treatments. It is safe and minimally invasive procedure.
NanoMeso Theraphy is the newest treatment without needles but with tool!

NanoMeso tool is made up of 3 silicone micro-cones of 0,6mm. It is single-use and can be adapted to all ampoules.

NanoMeso Theraphy It is a unique anti-aging, poly-revitalizing complex that nourishes the epidermis by providing the ingredients that it needs to thrive…lt creates the optimal environment for fibroblasts, which are responsible for the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


– skin Tightening hyperhydrosis mesobotox (forehead, crows feet)
– biorevitalization hands, face, neck, chest eye wrinkles removal, eyelids lifting
– dark circle brightening neck lifting
– cellulite and fat control

Required 2-4 treatments last up to 12 months depends from serum.

Healing process

NanoMeso is the newest method of application the serum into the skin with minimal or no product loss. This method allows the skin to heal quickly, without almost any risk of bruising, hematomas or a long healing process.


NanoMeso therapy (fine-needle mesotherapy) consists in introducing revitalizing preparations and vitamins (the so-called cocktails) into the skin by means of appropriately deep, dense punctures in selected areas of the face or other parts of the body that we want to regenerate. The most frequently performed treatment is mesotherapy of the face, neck and neckline, but also of the arms, backs of the hands, abdomen, buttocks etc.


What are the benefits of NanoMeso Therapy?
– three times smaller than a normal injection syringe
– improves patient comfort and allows an accurate infusion
– ideal for treating eyelids

Used tools:

- NanoMeso soft cone
- TurtlePin
- NanoPin

Price: $1600 with kit