Baby Botoks + Hydra Derma Stamps



Hydra Nano Derma Stamps

A revolutionary procedure that is the most modern alternative to needle mesotherapy. Its biggest advantage is non-invasiveness and painlessness. The patient’s skin after the procedure has no visible signs of carrying out the procedure. There are no bruising or small hematomas that occur during the mesotherapy procedure, especially in patients prone to vascular rupture.

Training is intended for all students who want to offer for clients very new and excellent treatment which give for your clients results similar with kybella fat dissolve, treatment similar with regular injection to fill wrinkles and for skin tightening and treatment for skin regeneration (acne, scars, deep pores). On one hour video you will find how to prepare your pen for work, what products use for this procedure and how to do treatment.

What we can offer for our clients?

- Slim face volume with injectable serum
- Smooth skin with dermal micro-hyaluronic gel
- Improve superficial acne scarring with micro-hyaluronic gel
- Enhance laser treatments with micro-serums containing growth factors
- Brighten skin with micro-pigment reducers
- Painless procedure with minimal potential short-term redness

Baby botoks/Botoks facial

The key difference between baby botoks, botoks facial and regular Botulinum injection is that baby Botoks treatment uses smaller amounts of the substance to give a very natural look. The results are very similar to regular doses of Botulinum but the muscles have a wider range of movement.

It reduces wrinkles and makes the face smooth and relaxed – but it does not paralyze our facial expressions (which sometimes happens with classic botoks). Baby botoks is a real hit in rejuvenation – and one of the biggest trends in aesthetic applications. What is this innovative technique – and will it replace traditional botoks?

Baby botoks – how does it work?

Baby botoks is a new way of administering botulinum toxin, which is gaining more and more popularity especially among young people. It consists of injecting a very small amount of botoks using many small and shallow punctures (in the classic version, a few places are injected and the doses are much higher). In practice, this technique is very similar to mesotherapy, hence the term “mesobotoks” can often be found. Thanks to the fact that the procedure uses much smaller doses of the toxin than with classic botoks, we get the effect of refreshing and loosening the skin, without the risk of “freezing” facial expressions. The baby botoks technique is about minimizing the visibility of mimic lines (e.g. lion wrinkles or crow’s feet), which give the face a tired or too sharp expression. After the treatment, the face looks very natural, although the skin is much more relaxed and smoothed, and the muscles remain almost fully mobile. The procedure itself lasts several minutes and does not cause any undesirable post-treatment effects. Immediately after administration of botulinum toxin, small bruises may appear at puncture sites.

Price: $1300 with kit