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European nano techniques change the game in the beauty industry. We will teach you step by step how to perform these techniques and satisfy your clients. These new great treatments can change lives and create long term happy clientele.

Every couple of months, our Master Trainers train on the most popular treatments with the newest European techniques so that we can offer this training to you. Most of our training is based on nano technology. We use nano needles to apply all products into the skin with minimal skin damage and no downtime for the best healing process.
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Check out what you can learn from us!

Lash Extension Training
BB Glow Training
Hyaluron Pen Training Basic
Hydra Derma Stamps Training
Fibroblast Training
Nano Aquarelle Lips
Nano Brows Masterclass
Nano Eyeliners Masterclass
Hyaluron Pen Training Advance